The Heroes Inside of Us – Erev Yom Kippur

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Any idea who said the following movie quotes:


Whatever life holds in store for me, I will never forget these words: “With great power comes great responsibility.” This is my gift, my curse. Who am I? – Spider-Man


What about:

Some believe that it is only great power that can hold evil in check. But that is not what I’ve found. I found it is the small things. Everyday deeds by ordinary folks that keeps evil at bay – Gandolf




“All you need is faith and trust and a little pixie dust” – Peter Pan



Wouldn’t it be nice if those characters were real and could make all our problems disappear like pixie dust floating in the air?  Or what if Gandolf could magically appear and help us stop the dizzyingly fast changing pace of the world.  Or maybe if Spiderman was real and saved people from experiencing crime.


Unfortunately, we do not live in a Hollywood movie, we live in a world that is a little messier.  A world where crying and laughing can happen almost interchangeably.  Where we can feel as if we are overwhelmed and alone one minute and ecstatic the next.  A world where we wonder what else can happen?


One of the most exciting parts of movies is that we can image ourselves as if we are the super heroes.  We can pretend that we can jump off the building to save someone or stop a speeding train.  We can rescue a failing relationship with a kiss and a hug.  Or we can save the whole world with gun.

In the real world – true heroism can cost you not only your life, but the life of those you love.  Most people when faced with tough decisions will turn a blind eye to their problems rather than face it, until the moment when turning a blind eye causes more pain than dealing with the actual problem.  Even when we deal with the problem at times we try and resist.


But the heroes in Hollywood never back down.  I am not sure if it is because they are free of specific faults or simply they are stubborn. How real is that approach to life?  Perhaps by looking elsewhere we find a more realistic approach to problem solving.  The Bible offers several examples and they are different from today.


We don’t find the biblical heroes to be free of fault. All of them had fears and were at times reluctant to do the right thing.  Even the quintessential Jewish hero, our prophets, didn’t always do the right thing. The prophetic power did not allow them to predict the future rather they saw a more nuanced present. They saw all and heard all the bells and whistles where we might only see or hear part of the picture.


When we look closely at the Bible it is not physical strength, or even being a great orator, which made somebody a hero. It was not their beauty or charm.  There is only one Sampson after all.  Rather for Jews, the greatest biblical heroes were the ones who were driven by personal concern and acted to the highest ethical standards.  This expression of heroism was carried later into the middle ages.


The Shulchan Aruch, a classical medieval book of Jewish law, opens by declaring that one should arise every morning “as a hero” by preparing to do God’s will.  Heroism, in Judaism, occurs when we are faced with life’s challenging situations and choose to do the right and good.  Even in the most challenging moments of trauma or feeling threatened, being able to reach for the best – those individuals are true heroes.  Those who strive to improve the world incrementally every day – they are the ones who deserve in Judaism the title tzaddik or righteous one.


Are there heroes around today?  In many senses we are living out in society what Martin Buber described best as an “I-It” relationship.  There is a utilitarian approach to life were individuals and objects are used almost interchangeably.  It is amazing that we can be surrounded by other people and yet feel totally alone. We are surrounded by social media and other ways to amuse ourselves and depersonalize our lives.

I bet that when I’m lying on a bed preparing to die I’m not going ask myself how many hours of Netflix did I livestream? Or how many games of candy crush did I play?  I have a feeling that my thoughts will be directed toward something else entirely.


Recently a congregant came into my office following Rosh Hashanah to discuss my sermon on anti-Semitism among other things. She shared with me that she spoke with her family and that she knows that most rabbis spoke about anti-Semitism across the country. She also shared with me that she is very fearful of North Korea, climate change, her life moving and marching faster than she ever imagined it would among other things. I realized in listening to her that what she was describing was a feeling of loss of control. She felt like the world was happening to her. She is just like you and me. How many of us feel that the world happens to them here in this room tonight?


What she was asking was how, recognizing the fragility of life, can she find the correct grasp to grip life knowing that it will not be enough to hold on.

The great Hasidic Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav said: “All of the world is a very narrow bridge, and the most important thing is not to fear it all.”

I think the question though is how do we walk one foot in front of the other? How can we be our own hero?

Can we rescue ourselves and still acknowledge,

We are afraid at times.

We are crying out.

And we, at times feel alone.


I want to share with you the story of Hagar and ask that we think about things from her perspective.


Hagar was an obedient and kind servant who served her mistress faithfully.  When asked to do an extreme thing – to be a surrogate mother – she agreed to do so.  Yet Sarah became distrustful and jealous.  She then started to abuse Hagar.  Eventually she convinced Abraham to send Hagar and Ishmael out into the desert with a bottle of water and some bread.  Her pain is almost palpable to us today as we imagine walking in her shoes and being cast off, facing death. Yet the Bible did not offer her voice up to us expressing fear or doubt. We are only clued in when all the water in the bottle is used up, and she places her son under one of the desert shrubs and moves away so that she cannot hear him cry.


We read: “she thought, “Let me not look on as the child dies.” And sitting thus afar, she burst into tears.” (Genesis 21:16).


We can almost see and hear her crying out.  She asks only that she not hear her child suffer, knowing that she cannot control the situation.

What a powerful cry!


Similarly, we can look into the psalms and hear the existential pain of human existence contained within the text itself.


“My God, my God, you have forsaken me, but why?

When I cry out to you, why are you so far away from me?

I cry my grief, my pain, my loss throughout the day;

but no one comes to answer me.

All night I cry out longing to be heard

but you’re not there.”

Psalm 22:1-2


There are times when we all experience feeling as if we are cast out from family, community, our job or perhaps as being the victim of a natural disaster or a crime.  The feelings of alienation and loneliness can almost swallow us up.  Again, Psalm 22 offers a vision: “but I’m a worm, less than human; scorned by men, despised by people. (Psalm 22:7) and I have to admit, it is in those moments, having a superhero would just be fantastic.  But, what I have learned more than anything is that we are our own superhero.


What the psalmist does next is almost breathtaking.   The psalmist shares that there is a shift, a moment when he moves from crying out in pain, to reaching toward God.


“But You, O LORD, be not far off; my strength, hasten to my aid.

Save my life from the sword, my precious life from the clutches of a dog.

Deliver me from a lion’s mouth; from the horns of wild oxen rescue me.” (Psalm 22:20-23)


There is a moment when the psalmist asks God for help.  There is a moment when Hagar reaches out asking for help.  There was a moment when my congregant reached out.  What does it mean to reach out to God in 2017 and ask for help?

For me the answer is clear to this question is found in your faces looking back at me.  One of the most powerful images that Rabbi Kushner has shared with us, is found on the pages of Mishkan Tefilah in the Friday night service.   He shares with us is that at any moment we can be an angel.

“…we understand that ordinary people are messengers of the Most High.  They go about their tasks in holy anonymity, often even unknown to themselves.  Yet, if they had not been there, if they had not said what they said or did what they did, it would not be the way it is now.  We would not be the way we are now.  Never forget that you, too, yourself may be a messenger.  Perhaps even one whose errand extends over several lifetimes.”[1]

There are times when I am an angel for you and you are an angel for me.  There are moments when you are a hero for someone and you may not even be aware of it.  We bring light and hope to those around us simply by being present.

By reaching out for help in engaging in the difficult process of teshuvah, we can better repair the relationships around us.  Or by reaching out for help when we feel overwhelmed by life’s circumstances, we can find heroes.  No person is an island and no real hero can function on their own.  For us to be the heroes of our own life’s story, that story must include the lives of those we love around us, helping us to grow and become stronger.


In Superman on the Couch, Danny Fingeroth states that we are all heroes. He writes:

“A hero can be said to be someone who rises above his or her fears and limitations to achieve something extraordinary. In the real world, firemen who race into burning buildings, soldiers who advance in the face of enemy fire, astronauts who launch into space despite the high odds of lethal outcome, are often the standard by which heroism is measured.

On another level, a teacher who, day after day, attempts to educate under adverse circumstances, an accident victim who, despite pain and enormous difficulty, persists in relearning lost skills, or a physician who ministers to AIDS patients in plague-stricken, third world nation can all be considered heroes. They fight the odds, and sometimes beat them.

Indeed, do we not all, at one time or another, as the alarm clock rings and we steel ourselves to face another day in the struggle that life can be, regard ourselves – even as we laugh at the assessment – as the heroes of our own lives? There are days when simply taking the subway to work and getting through the day seems like the triumph of Gilgamesh, or the Green Lantern, for that matter.”[2]


That moment under the bush, Hagar was a hero.  Hagar reached out.  God responded to her cry and helped her:


We read: “God heard the cry of the boy, and an angel of God called to Hagar from heaven and said to her, “What troubles you, Hagar? Fear not, for God has heeded the cry of the boy where he is.” (Genesis 21:17)


We can all be hero fighting to do great things or simply good things or simply make a good choice.  Superman fought for integrity, Batman justice, Spiderman responsibility.  They chose to fight for something that was meaningful to them.  Reaching out is a heroic thing.  Responding to others cry is a heroic thing. Making good choices is a heroic thing.


We are not like the heroes from Hollywood in the sense that we cannot change the world on our own.  But we can change who we are by engaging in the challenging process of teshuvah and welcoming other people to participate with us in that process.  When we humble ourselves enough to ask for help we are a hero.  At that moment we are like a biblical hero.  We are Moses receiving help from Jethro to make a functioning justice system or Abraham receiving help from Sarah to be hospitable.


Together, through the process of teshuvah and humility, we can be heroes.


Rabbi Jonathan Sacks suggests that belief in God is an antidote to narcissism. “Believing that there is a God in whose presence we stand means that we are not the centre of our world. God is… When we place the self at the centre of our universe, we eventually turn everyone and everything into a means to our ends… (but) when God is at the centre of our lives, we open ourselves up to the glory of creation and the beauty of other people. The smaller the self, the wider the radius of our world.” Shoftim, Sep 2016


May we recognize that we can be the hero not just of our story, but the supporting hero of someone else.  Both roles are essential and both roles ennoble us and those around us to a better life. May this year be full of heroic moments in all of our lives!



[1] Mishkan Tefilah, p. 143

[2] Superman on the Couch, p. 14.

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    However, if Wal-Mart wants to set up its own retail storesin Asia’s third-largest economy, it will need to find anotherlocal partner to own 49 percent of the business under foreigninvestment rules that were eased last year.

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    Coach Inc shares dropped 7.9 percent to $53.30 afterthe leather goods maker reported soft sales at its NorthAmerican stores and disclosed the departures of two moreexecutives amid a flurry of recent changes in topmanagement.

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    A spokesman for the Bristol County District Attorney’s Office, Gregg Miliote, said Ortiz now claims Hernandez was the only person who got out of the vehicle with Lloyd on the night of the murder, reversing previous testimony that Wallace had also left the vehicle.

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    Some of the videos portray bodies that look very similar to images from Halabja in Iraqi Kurdistan, where Saddam Hussein killed at least 3,200 Kurds in 1988 in an hour-long poison gas attack, Bretton-Gordon said.

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    If such efforts fail, Israel has threatened to bomb nuclearsites, arguing that Tehran threatens its survival. Action byIsrael – widely believed to be the only nuclear power in theMiddle East – could easily spill into a new regional war.

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    Obama and Putin will discuss the United States’ recent decision to provide Syrian rebels with light weapons and additional support, as Russia is one of the leading country’s objecting to an increased United Nations role in the region.

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    In September 2010, the commission approved the 1,000-MWBlythe solar power project using solar thermal parabolic troughtechnology. The project is located near Blythe in easternRiverside County about 225 miles (362 kms) east of Los Angeles.

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    However, when a military helicopter flew low over RamsesSquare, Brotherhood protesters held up shoes in a gesture ofcontempt, chanting “We will bring Sisi to the ground” and”Leave, leave, you traitor”.

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    “I chose Robert because it is one of my favorite men’s name, because Robert F. Kennedy is my hero and because, mercifully, I hadn’t used it for any of the characters in the Potter series of ‘The Casual Vacancy,'” Rowling wrote.

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    Uralkali sent the $20 billion global potash market into turmoil when it quit the marketing alliance with state-owned Belaruskali. Belarus hit back by arresting CEO Vladislav Baumgertner after talks with the country’s prime minister.

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    PJM Interconnection, which oversees a grid serving 61million people in 13 parts of states from New Jersey toIllinois, uses so-called demand response programs, whichcompensate large companies and consumers for cutting back thepower they use when the grid is under strain.

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    But whether such hostilities break out depends upon how damning the evidence is that MLB gathered during its long investigation of Rodriguez. MLB investigators believe they have a mountain of evidence that shows Rodriguez attempted to interfere in their investigation.

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    “All this comes at a tremendous cost. A tremendous number of scientists have essentially the report as a second job at great cost to their research,” Victor said. “Frankly, I have gone back and forth about it for a long time, and I have come to see that there is a tremendous value in having a central statement on how the scientific world sees climate change.”

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    The brothers' friends told us Tamerlan turned against the country and became passionate about Islam after becoming frustrated when his boxing career faltered because he did not have American citizenship.

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    That deal includes a new 10-year LCD glass supply agreementbetween New York-based Corning and Samsung Display, which makesLCD panels for tablets and TVs for Apple, Sony Corp andLenovo Group. Corning said the deal would add about $2billion to its annual sales.

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    Oregon and Vermont have already begun training their enrollment advisers, while Connecticut and Washington are just starting up and other states, including Illinois and New York, will commence later this summer.

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     Mr Sissling said three major issues had dominated the previous 12 months: the Francis Inquiry into patient safety in England; controversial health board reforms of regional services; and unprecedented demand on urgent and emergency care which led to the re-direction of NHS resources.

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    The government will scrap automatic subsidies to renewablepower producers and bring in a new system of “reasonableprofitability”. Under this regime, the annual profits ofrenewable power companies such as Acciona and Abengoa will be capped at 7.5 percent a year initially.

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    Brenda Johnson, former U.S. ambassador to Jamaica, is president of the AFJ and Ambassador Pamela Bridgewater, the current American diplomat to the Caribbean nation, and Audrey Marks, Jamaica’s ambassador to the United State, are honorary chairpersons of AFJ.

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    But the software—now being modified in response to user complaints—failed to spur much demand and may have added to consumer confusion. “Essentially, Windows 8 did not help, and some would argue that it hurt,” said Jay Chou, an IDC analyst. A spokesman for Microsoft didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. But Tami Reller, chief financial officer for Microsoft’s Windows division, in May disputed the notion that users were turned off by basic elements of the new operating system. She acknowledged, however, that Microsoft and its partners wished they had done more to encourage PC sales last fall and earlier this year.

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    “Those who have the means to participate in crowdfunding wouldn't really be the 'have-nots', so in South Africa the 'haves' have relatively good internet access… so that really isn't the constraint,” Mr Goldstuck says.

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    Historic, too, for being Barenboim’s first Wagner operas in the UK, the cycle has been nothing less than a masterclass in Wagner interpretation. Even those who regularly hear Barenboim in this towering music seldom actually get to see him do it, and his authority on the Albert Hall podium stemmed from the manner in which he always seemed to be revealing the music in the moment, not just getting through its huge challenges as many lesser-mortal conductors seem to do.

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    The camp is one of several around Greece, officially called “closed hospitality centres.” At the end of their detention, the undocumented migrants are deported, or, more rarely, freed and granted asylum.

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    The FAO report says hunger is most prevalent in sub-Saharan Africa, where progress has been modest. Improvement has been slow in Southern Asia and Northern Africa, and non-existent in Western Asia. Latin America and Eastern and Southeastern Asia have seen the most progress.

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    Analyzing this data could make it possible to make learn more about brain diseases, map neurological disorders, and identify patterns and biological predictors. Doctors and researches could then use computer simulations to make medical predictions and perform experiments that can’t be done with animals or humans.

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    The politician was convicted of four assaults on his third wife Diana Walker, 61, three of which involved slapping or punching her on the face. The attacks happened between June 1988 and January 1995.

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    In the first case, the danger of a self-fulfilling liquiditycrisis looms. In the second case, the ECB becomes a sort ofinstitution of last resort that, rather than being independent,becomes sovereign. This would be dangerous, she said.

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    Republican lawmakers and some congressional aidesdownplayed the notion that Obama’s recent legislative scrapeshave emboldened them to take a hard line in this autumn’s fightsover spending levels and allowing more government borrowing.

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    “We think that this fertility decline is now over. As the economy rebounds and women have the children they postponed immediately after the Great Recession, we are seeing an uptick in U.S fertility,” Sam Sturgeon, president of Demographic Intelligence, said in a statement.

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    In Hong Kong, China-focused shoe retailer BelleInternational jumped 3.6 percent after closing onMonday at its lowest in more than two weeks. Brokers also saidluxury retail sales bettered expectations, and jewelleryretailer Chow Tai Fook rose 1.6 percent.

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    Elsewhere in the country, once insurance companies saw proposed rates from competitors some asked for “do-overs” to lower their rates. Here in Colorado, insurance regulators did not allow full revision of rates, but if the math was wrong, carriers and regulators worked together to revise them. Fox said his group noticed that the price of several plans came down slightly. In one case, the price for a catastrophic health plan declined by 30 percent.

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    The meeting was historic. It was 120 years since a reigning monarch had met a future king three generations ahead. That last happened in 1894, when Queen Victoria was introduced to the baby who would become Edward VIII.

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    As Western anxiety grows, Egypt’s army chief vowed to stand firm in the face of violence on Sunday, calling on the Brotherhood to bow to the will of the people and accept the July 3 removal of Mursi, which followed mammoth street protests.

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    Yet to solve a daunting array of problems, from the highest inflation in the Americas and embarrassing shortages of basic goods to rampant corruption and shoddy infrastructure, many feel Maduro needs to become his own man and tweak some policies.

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    A solid jobs market combined with wage hikes and easing inflation helped Europe’s largest economy withstand the early stages of the euro zone debt crisis and then return to growth after a dismal end to 2012 and start to 2013.

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    It’s an important reform — bad teachers should be let go. But a teacher who may have had a successful, two-decade-long teaching career deserves to leave the system with adequate retirement savings.

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    Prof Sir Mike Stratton, the director of the Sanger Institute, told the BBC: “I'm very excited. Hidden within the cancer genome are these patterns, these signatures, which tell us what is actually causing cancer in the first place – that's a major insight to have.

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    According to Thomson Reuters data, investment-grade issuancein the last three months was down 14% to $557.8bn versus Q2, theslowest pace of investment-grade issuance since the secondquarter of 2012.

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    “He’s still the same, still plugging forward,” says receiver Victor Cruz. “He’s still understanding that this team is going to rally around him. He’s our leader. I think he knows that if he gets off kilter, if he gets flustered, then it’s going to show through all of us. So he remains level-headed and we follow his lead.”

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    “You have me on hydraulics getting beat up, whipped back and forth in no harness,” the now-16-year-old actress tells the Daily News. “It was a hard scene because it was so intricate and it took place on top of a metal van.

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    Sept 16 (Reuters) – Kennametal Inc said it would buyAllegheny Technologies Inc’s tungsten materials businessfor $605 million to boost supply of the raw material used tomake its metal-working tools, increasing its exposure toaerospace and energy markets.

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    Schettino, 52, remains on trial for manslaughter and causingthe loss of his ship which struck a rock off the Tuscan islandof Giglio in January 2012, causing a chaotic evacuation of morethan 4,000 passengers and crew. He is also seeking plea bargainto reduce a possible jail sentence.

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    Yet in days of old, many of these commercials would feature snippets of game action, which often included heavy hitting. The miracle razor provided the quarterback a close shave before he was seen being clotheslined.

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    Safety equipment is abundant in the new Mazda3, including a forward warning system which keeps track of cars in front, smart barking which readies up the brakes if it senses they may be needed and rear vehicle monitoring which checks your blind spot on the motorway. A handy high beam control that automatically switches between high and low beams is also available.

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    Meanwhile, the surgeon whose wife and three children were killed in the blaze paid tribute to a “beautiful” family, and said that he hoped justice would prevail in the investigation into their deaths.

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    Many of the punks on the social media wall of shame — who are all male, some of them shirtless — sport big grins as they unleash hundreds of thousands of dollars-worth of damage on the scenic beach city’s downtown district.

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    Congress hoped to create a more formal system of postage that, at the time, was dominated by informal routes and pit stops and took months to reach people. Often, taverns or inns would hold the mail when it was travelling from place to place.

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    The House Intelligence Committee has twice heard from an agency official who was present but none of the transcribed interviews conducted so far by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, which has done much of the investigating of the Benghazi attacks, were with on-the-ground survivors of the attack, the Weekly Standard reported.

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    Ed Davey added: “We have provided certainty early to onshore and offshore wind investors and now see significant investment decisions being made that will benefit the UK’s economy for years to come.”

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    King’s focus on the multi-billion dollar mobile games market – creating short, addictive puzzles for the fastest-growing part of the gaming industry – has helped it reap profits rare in its field. Though the company does not publish numbers, industry experts have estimated its revenues at $1 million-$3 million a day. Media reports now talk about an IPO valuation of $5 billion after a source recently said the company had filed to go public in the United States.

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    The delay comes as the same companies – which are waginglegal battles in some 10 countries – await a decision from theObama administration on whether to stick with an ITC decisionfinding that some Apple devices infringe a Samsung patent. Thatdecision is now due.

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    “Although the ECB subsequently clarified and backtracked onthis statement, euro zone policymakers clearly remain in adovish mode and keen to keep rate expectations skewed to thedownside,” analysts at BNP Paribas wrote in a client note.

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